Want to figure it out?

At the end of Stranger Things 2, Eleven and Mike meet at the Snow Ball, the middle school dance. Looking around at the other middle schoolers swaying back and forth, Mike asks Eleven if she wants to dance. Eleven responds hesitantly, “I don’t know how.” And Mike simply replies, “I don’t either… want to figure it out?” Eleven nods, extends her arm and Mike leads her onto the dance floor.

That was the sweetest moment of the whole season to me. Not the moments between Jonathan and Nancy or Max and Lucas or even Bob and Joyce. Because that’s what finding your person is all about. Not knowing what the future holds or how to conquer it, but knowing you want to figure it out with them. Finding someone that you’re comfortable being vulnerable around – showing your weaknesses and hesitancies.

Your person not only learns with you but teaches you in their process of learning. They can look at the same information as you, and see something completely different. Their experiences inform their interpretation. If it’s the right person, their interpretation will  add another dimension to yours.

That’s what I’ve always looked for.  Not someone who knows what I know but more so can teach me.  Not someone that knows what I know but less who I can teach.  Someone who’s mind works differently than mine.  Who’s interests I wouldn’t dream of pursuing myself – but I can appreciate none the less.  Someone who exposes you to a side you may not have known you had – or lost along the way.  Someone you can do the same for.

That’s a key pillar of a lasting relationship: facing the world together and tackling what it throws at you. Find your person, figure it out, and dance.


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