Ultimate reflection p.3

Score: 13-2

Got outplayed, fair and square.

Us soon:  http://i.imgur.com/wwhmPHp.gifv

Good game yesterday, team.  Sometimes you give it your all but the other team just outplays you.  What I was impressed with was our effort until the end.  We didn’t give up and we didn’t let them have anything.  We also spent good time after the game thinking about how to improve; and to me, that’s the biggest sign of a team on its way up.  In that spirit, let’s switch it up a little this week and also analyze what they did well against us:

What they did well:

  • Communication: their teammates were shouting shorthand reminders from the sidelines (e.g. “stack”, “inside cut”, etc.) – made possible by their good rest area position along the sideline, close to the action.  If possible, let’s rest along the sideline next time so we can communicate with our teammates.  Along the sideline we’ll have a better vantage point of the field.  Michelle was doing a good job of this yesterday.
  • Fake one way, hard plant, cut the other way: they were experts at getting open.  I was watching their best guy at getting open – he moves slowly in one direction, as soon as he sees his defender start to move in that direction with him, he plants his foot and explodes off in the other direction.  It’s a simple, effective move that conserves energy and almost impossible to defend.
  • Quick, short, decisive passes: they rarely killed us with the long bomb.  They quickly advanced up the field with quick, short passes.  Quick passes keeps the defense out of position, snowballing momentum until a score.

Things to work on:

  • Passing while defended: Let’s revisit that passer-defender-receiver drill.  I think that if we focus on this one thing, all else will follow.

Things we did well:

  • Catching:  Each game we improve our % of caught passes.  We are catching more difficult ones too.
  • Endzone patience: Our pre-game drill paid off – I noticed much better patience and decision-making with the disc.  We must now balance this with making quick, decisive passes.

An advantage of playing one of the best teams is that you can learn from them.  Let’s take what they did well and apply it to our games!