Ultimate reflections p.2

Result: Tie 8-8

Trending in the right direction!  Saw really good improvements from last week.

Things we did well:

  • catching % – saw some tough catches made!
  • man coverage
  • cutting to open space
  • smarter passing decisions
  • patience when in scoring range
  • transition defense – good communication yelling ‘turnover’ lead to us getting back on defense faster
  • picking good matchups – know the strengths of your opponent and matchup according to your strengths (i.e. fast covers fast, tall covers tall, etc.)

Things to work on for next week:

  • using a fake + lunge to create an easier throw for yourself (let’s practice this)
  • passing backwards to get a better angle and disorient defense
  • know your teammates (e.g. I am not good at long bombs so stay closer for a short pass when I have the disc)
  • observe your coverage’s weaknesses (i.e. most people have a dominant throwing side so force them throw on their weak side)

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