Ultimate reflections p.1

Things we did well:

  • man coverage – kept our hands active trying to swat the disc, leaving no openings for easy throws
  • running/cutting – good field awareness; good timing when to run to the open space
  • communication – calling out teammate’s name that we’re passing to; when on defense, yelling “up” when the disc is thrown so teammates know to be alert
  • athleticism – tire out opponent with constant movement and activity

Things we can improve:

  • telegraphing passes – making our intended target clear so defender knows to hustle to intercept it
  • throwing on first opening rather than after fake – fake 1st then pass when defender out of position
  • patience near endzone – when within the 10 m of the endzone, remember to breathe and evaluate options, we still have 8 seconds
  • transitioning from offense to defense – as soon as possession switches, be aware and quickly find your man to prevent counter scores

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