Ultimate reflections p.2

Result: Tie 8-8

Trending in the right direction!  Saw really good improvements from last week.

Things we did well:

  • catching % – saw some tough catches made!
  • man coverage
  • cutting to open space
  • smarter passing decisions
  • patience when in scoring range
  • transition defense – good communication yelling ‘turnover’ lead to us getting back on defense faster
  • picking good matchups – know the strengths of your opponent and matchup according to your strengths (i.e. fast covers fast, tall covers tall, etc.)

Things to work on for next week:

  • using a fake + lunge to create an easier throw for yourself (let’s practice this)
  • passing backwards to get a better angle and disorient defense
  • know your teammates (e.g. I am not good at long bombs so stay closer for a short pass when I have the disc)
  • observe your coverage’s weaknesses (i.e. most people have a dominant throwing side so force them throw on their weak side)

Ultimate reflections p.1

Things we did well:

  • man coverage – kept our hands active trying to swat the disc, leaving no openings for easy throws
  • running/cutting – good field awareness; good timing when to run to the open space
  • communication – calling out teammate’s name that we’re passing to; when on defense, yelling “up” when the disc is thrown so teammates know to be alert
  • athleticism – tire out opponent with constant movement and activity

Things we can improve:

  • telegraphing passes – making our intended target clear so defender knows to hustle to intercept it
  • throwing on first opening rather than after fake – fake 1st then pass when defender out of position
  • patience near endzone – when within the 10 m of the endzone, remember to breathe and evaluate options, we still have 8 seconds
  • transitioning from offense to defense – as soon as possession switches, be aware and quickly find your man to prevent counter scores

How to change a habit: phone-checking

I think it developed over university.  I have this habit of checking my phone compulsively.  Whenever I am thinking about something for too long; whenever I complete a task; whenever I’m not doing anything… I check my phone.  I want to fix this.  It affects my work rhythm, my focus, my train of thought, and my enjoyment of the moment.

It’s like my brain craves the microinjections of seretonin I get from constantly checking the group chat or seeing what’s new on instagram.  I must learn that those things can wait.  None of it is urgent.  What does matter is thinking deeply on a problem to be solved.  What does matter is reflecting on your actions and learning from them.  What does matter is being present with the people around you and giving them your full attention.

Let’s experiment on how to change a habit — a big one at that.

Methods tried:

  1. Turning phone upside-down while charging
  2. Leaving a sticky note on my phone saying “DO NOT TOUCH”
  3. Putting the phone in my bag
  4. Airplane Mode
  5. Stopping cellular data allowances for certain apps
  6. Switching the phone display to grayscale colours
  7. Deleting frequently used time-wasting apps