Tim Ferriss

On a suggestion I started listening to the Tim Ferriss podcast.  I’ve been listening before I go to bed and I listen while I get ready in the morning.  I think the podcast is great.  His guests are invariably experts in their fields and have plenty of helpful best-practices to share.  I really like Tim’s focus on actionable items the audience can take away and implement — today — in their own lives.  I’m going to start trying out a few myself.  I really admire his curiosity, his desire to improve himself, and just generally his hunger to do cool stuff.  I aspire to be like Tim.  He helps people, he is effective, he enjoys life, and he is improving the world.  I’ll be damned if I don’t try my best to do the same.  I’ll document my progress as I go.  Time to put this website to use.

– Darren, January 2016