Nothing can fully illustrate the elation I felt when I got my full-time offer. Cleverly disguised as a meeting to discuss the transition into the next intern, I went in prepared to provide suggestions for improvement. I sat down with the VP of Lubricants, he shuffled some papers on the table and said, “So… onboarding… just kidding. We’re giving you a full-time offer.” I was speechless.

I couldn’t stop smiling. Nothing could keep my from smiling like a blissful fool as the VP described the terms of the offer to me. I couldn’t hear half of what he was saying, I was too busy thinking about what the offer represented. It was the fruits of my efforts all summer. It was the culmination of three months of 6am wake ups, 11pm bed times, and hundreds of hours of work. Although I didn’t accept right on the spot – I wanted to talk to my parents first – I knew I was going to take the job. I signed the offer later that night and sent it back, I couldn’t wait until the morning.


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