Periodic Reporting

As a part of my job I have assignments that I have to do daily, weekly, and monthly.

Every day I look through the list of events, hazards, and incidents that occur around the plant and identify the process safety hazards.  I log these into our database of past and current events.  Then I investigate each event to make sure the root causes are determined.  This is so we can take corrective action to prevent them from happening again.

Every week I create a status report of all open remedial action projects and issue it to all members of the safety stewardship team.  This ongoing summary makes sure that all projects are attended to and accounted for.

At the beginning of each month I calculate performance metrics that trend, analyze, and summarize our safety performance as a plant.  Some of the main things highlighted are spills, injuries, R3/R4 action items, safety instrument function out of orders, and other incidents.  These performance metrics have taught me what Suncor values; namely timely completion, consistency, and steady progress.

Having to do all these tasks and reporting daily, weekly, and monthly allow me to constantly be thinking about safety.  When all of these incidents are running through my head, it makes doing other safety tasks easier because I can consider all possibilities faster and more completely.  Although these tasks are not always the most glamorous, they are invaluable to my development of a constant safety mindset that is paramount to Suncor’s mission of the “Journey to Zero”.


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