Safety Training

Since I started this blog midway through my internship I will have to post retroactively.  What better place to start than the beginning?

Safety training.  One full week of classroom-taught learning on what danger is, how dangerous it is, and how to avoid its danger.  We learned everything from the toxicology of asbestos to how to put on a oxygen-supplied breathing apparatus.  I also learned that the plant is one heck of a dangerous place.  Safety is paramount at Suncor and that was evidenced by the 16 tests I had to take verifying that I heard everything our instructor said.  35 hours of classroom time later (a walk in the park after Columbia’s training) and I was an expert on all things hydrogen sulfide.  Did you know that it dulls your sense of smell so that the more exposed you are, the less you smell it and the more danger you’re in.  If you smell eggs in the plant while you’re walking around and suddenly the smell disappears, it means one of two things: either A) you’re clear of danger or B) you’re in more danger than ever.  Comforting, I know.  Welcome to the plant environment!


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